This is the Coimbra of the Locals!

Let's discover this city from the eyes of the locals? Would you like to visit the main points but mainly immerse yourself in the local culture and have a local experience?

So This is the Coimbra of the Locals is what you are looking for! This is an authentic local experience, discovering the history, traditions, culture and stories of this charming city! A sharing of our city experience, in a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets, showing our favorite places, the day by day of the locals, finding the locals and typical flavours, the traditions and historical roots of this city! A very local perspective where we cross the historic city with the modern by sharing our passion !

1 Apetizer and 2 Drinks
Available: Every day | From 3 pm | 1-18 pax | Languages: Pt. En.
1 pax-23€ | 2-3 pax- 20€ | 4-7 pax- 18€ | 8-18 pax€-15€