Coimbra’s Best Flavours in Typical Taverns

Let’s get to know together Coimbra’s Culture and Gastronomy and have a Real Local Experience? So come with us and taste Coimbra’s best Flavours in real places, full of history in the traditional taverns of the city, where you can taste the local gastronomy at its truest state.

During this experience we’ll walk through Coimbra’s Downtown while discovering its history, along the way we’ll enter in in diferent local taverns, get in touch with locals, taste local flavours while learn about the Coimbra’s gastronomy.

Tour Guide
9 Tastings and 3 Drinks
3 Typical Taverns
Downtown and Tavern's History
Available: Mon-Friday | 5:30pm | 2-15pax | Diet: Regular or Vegetarian | Languages: Pt. En. Fr. It.
Prices: 2-3 pax : 32€ |  4-6 pax: 28€ | 7-15 pax: 25€